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Bean to Cup!

Cold Brew?

Authentic Espresso?

Go Brew!

You have Beans!

Find your coffee style

Cafflano, Coffee Equipment Specialists!

Since Cafflano was established in 2013, we’ve continued to offer customers the most compact and easy solution to make all different styles of coffee, infusion (pour-over), immersion and espresso anytime anywhere. 

* Introduced the world’s first all-in-one pour-over coffee maker in 2015

* The most compact immersion-press hot & cold brewer in 2016

* Completed the full line-up of portable coffee makers with a hand-held authentic espresso maker in 2017.

* Added pour-over coffee brewing bottle in 2019.

* Launched the world’s lightest metal-burr coffee grinder in 2020. 

As we always address the importance of environmental sustainability, our new brew bottle even helps us stop using single-use plastic cups/bottles while we enjoy another pour-over coffee on-the-go! 

All products received the best new product awards from Specialty Coffee Association, 4 products in-a-row!

We refuse to be an ordinary coffee equipment company, but try to make ourselves differentiated with never-seen innovative products and will not rest till we exceed all customers’ expectations and continue to develop epoch-making coffee equipment for all.  

Total Coffee Equipment Specialists, Cafflano!


Cafflano Coffee On-the-Go!

Know how to make your own specialty coffee everywhere!