Cafflano Kompact

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Cafflano Kompact is an advanced immersion-press typed hot & cold coffee brewer, which consists of silicone Bellows Chamber (easy & efficient power transmitting press chamber) with a foldable Press Guide, ultra-fine etched stainless Micro Filter, and Airlock to keep it compact and to enable cold brew on-the-go.

• Collapsible bellows hot and cold coffee brewer
• Press or squeeze modes for delivering the perfect cup
• Compact, telescopic design
• Airlock cap for cold brewing
• Zero-friction bellows transmit all your effort into the brewing chamber
• High quality food grade silicone (melting point 220°C)
• Comes with a specially protective carry pouch
• Suits any size of cup (press mode)
• Etched stainless steel micro filter never needs to be replaced
       - No paper filters needed (unless you want them)
• Pre-measured bellows for accurate filling
• E-Z clean pump action mechanism
• Dishwasher safe (Silicon bellows can be boiled)

How to use 

How to clean

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